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Dragon and Lion Dance Events is proud to be recognised as Brisbane’s foremost traditional lion and dragon dance troupe. Showcasing their spectacular, high energy shows at a wide variety of venues around Australia.

Featuring a dynamic performance incorporating highly skilled dancers and magnificent traditional costumes. There’s no better way to create a truly memorable occasion. Now available with modern LED lighting and technology, a dragon or lion dance can light up your evening event like nothing else can!

The Brisbane Dragon Dance and Lion Dance team is ethnically diverse, bringing together individuals from many nationalities to hone their skills and preserve this amazing traditional art. For almost 30 years, our entertaining shows have brought lasting good luck and true enjoyment to audiences of all ages across the country.


Get in touch with us today on 0418 889 133– we’ll make sure your next event is an event to remember!

A minimum of nine energetic performers manipulate a fierce looking dragon, making it soar and dive in sweeping, wave-like patterns. Scaring away evil spirits and bringing good luck to all who are captivated by its intricate movements.

Highly popular and enormous fun, the dragon dance is often performed before a dragon boat race begins to bring strength and speed to all those on board.

The great skill in this ancient dance lies in truly effective teamwork. Each dancer must perform their own acrobatic manoeuvres whilst still working closely with the rest of the team as they bring the mighty dragon alive by creating graceful movements highlighting its sinuous beauty and leaving no doubt about its awesome, fiery power.

These beautiful, mythical beasts can be up to 35 metres in length, weaving and slithering their colourful way amongst their audiences, who gasp with fear and delight in equal measure.

Lion dancing is not only an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations, where it is often performed in temples, restaurants, businesses and at cultural festivals, but is also a popular way to entice good luck to visit house warmings, weddings and birthdays.

Two skilled performers mimic the movements of a magnificent, brightly coloured lion, shaking its mighty head to show its huge teeth and flashing eyes. A highly agile performance, the lion energetically chases away bad spirits, allowing prosperity and good fortune to flow in.

The lion dance is accompanied by a team of talented musicians playing traditional instruments such as drums, cymbals and gongs to create a captivating atmosphere of light and sound as the lion performs.

There’s a lot of fancy footwork involved in performing the intricate lion dance. The two performers – one operating the head and one operating the tail – are strong and agile. Putting on an impressive acrobatic display to show not only the lion’s playful side, but its majestic power and strength.


Kung Fu demonstration from experiences martial artist on beautifully choreographed empty hand forms, weapon forms and weapon sparring sets.

Firecrackers are commonly used in celebration of Chinese New Year, the opening business, festivals, wedding ceremonies, and many other occasions and also a way to enhance the events atmosphere. So, even though lighting firecrackers produces a loud noise nuisance and piles of red paper shreds. Start your occasion with a bang! Firecracker comes in lengths from normal 3 meters We are licensed and fully insurance.

Colorful confetti shooting out from a twist action compressed air tube from the lion mouth for your finale.

Dragon & Lion Dance Events is owned by Jow Ga Kung Fu expert, Lam Tu Luan. For more than 30 years, Lam has been practising this ancient discipline and training individuals in the art of lion and dragon dancing. It’s through Lam’s leadership and dedication that his team is the proud past winner of the prestigious Genting Lion Dance World Championships.

Dragon & Lion Dance Events have been performed all over Australia for a hugely diverse range of events, both large and small. Their professional, enthusiastic team knows how important it is to create an exciting visual spectacle, guaranteed to surprise and delight every audience.

They love what they do, and it shows!

Your guests will be treated to a fantastic visual spectacle, incorporating a riot of colours, music and movement. Dragon & Lion Dance Events also uses LED technology to make nighttime performances even more spectacular by lighting up the lion costumes for the amazing effect.

These unique performances are the ideal way to create a great vibe for any event; they’re real crowd pleasers that get people talking.

Not only that, many believe that traditional lion and dragon dances have the ability to cleanse bad energy and bring good fortune to all those who attend.

Many of our shows are in Brisbane because it’s our home town. However, we’ve got a busy schedule of events that takes us all over Australia – we’re happy to go wherever we’re needed!

We perform in small towns and big cities, at local events and at national festivals, indoors and outdoors, tiny community halls or large performance spaces. One day we might be at a shopping centre, the next we could be at an airport or at a football match.

We love to share the joy that dragon and lion dancing brings to as many people as we can, wherever they may be.

Depending on your needs, performances range from 20 minutes upwards.

Each performance includes two sets of lions and a group of highly skilled Chinese drummers and percussionists.

Absolutely! We encourage our audiences to join us and turn a good time into a great time.

We also ensure there’s plenty of opportunity to take photos so you can create wonderful memories of your event or special occasion.

For almost 30 years, Lam and his fantastic team have been performing at events and festivals across Brisbane and throughout the country.

The dragon and lion dance classes have been highly popular for many years because they combine ancient traditions and culture with a modern day desire to keep fit and have fun. It’s also a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Sure! People of all nationalities and ages have already enjoyed the health and social benefits of learning with the Dragon & Lion Dance Events.

Prices start from a low $600.00.

Naturally, we take into account where you would like the performance to take place and whether it’s a day or night time event.

We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy our energised dragon and lion dances, so we’re very flexible about where we perform.

The best way to find out how easy it is to arrange a spectacular show is to give us a call on 0418 889 133 and discuss your particular requirements. We’re always happy to help.

No special facilities are required in order to arrange a dragon or lion dance performance.

Dragon & Lion Dance Events is fully insured and has $10M public liability cover.

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I would like to say that my experience with the LTL Group was very enjoyable and pleasant. I recently hosted a Chinese New Year celebration in Mackay QLD and they were willing to travel to my event to perform, from Brisbane.

They were very flexible and easy to work with. The lion dancers were amazing, entertaining and very engaging with the large crowd. The team is highly skilled, energetic, spectacular and professional.

I would highly recommend this team for any future endeavours that you wish to include them in!
Troy Sorrensen
Troy Sorrensen
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Wow! What an amazing performance! A huge thank you to Lam and the entire team from LTL for their Chinese New Year Lion Dancing and Drum performance. Our members, guests and all the staff thought the show was brilliant.

From the moment we booked the show right through to the actual performance, the LTL Group were a pleasure to work with.

So good in fact, we've already booked them for multiple performances for the year to come. A huge shout out to all the team performers that made our guests thoroughly enjoy their Chinese New Year evening.