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Dragon and Lion Dance Events is proud to be recognised as Brisbane’s foremost traditional lion and dragon dance troupe, showcasing their spectacular, high energy shows at a wide variety of venues around Australia.

Our Events are UNIQUE...

Dragon and Lion Dance Events proudly holds the distinction of being Brisbane’s leading traditional lion and dragon dance troupe, captivating audiences with their breathtaking, high-energy performances at diverse venues across Australia.

Our dynamic presentations feature highly skilled dancers adorned in magnificent traditional costumes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all. Introducing a modern twist, we now offer performances enhanced with cutting-edge LED lighting and technology, transforming your evening event into a radiant spectacle.

The Brisbane Dragon Dance and Lion Dance team is a melting pot of ethnic diversity, uniting individuals from various nationalities to refine their skills and preserve the richness of this traditional art form. For nearly three decades, our entertaining shows have bestowed lasting good luck and genuine enjoyment upon audiences of all ages nationwide.

Contact us today at 0418 889 133, and let us ensure that your next event becomes an unforgettable occasion!

Upcoming Public Performances...

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We Perform for any type of Occasion

Dragon Dance Performance  

Nine dynamic performers collaborate to manipulate a formidable dragon, guiding it through soaring and diving maneuvers in sweeping, wave-like patterns.

Lion Dance Performance 

Two skilled performers mimic the movements of a magnificent, brightly coloured lion, shaking its mighty head to show its huge teeth and flashing eyes.

Wedding Performance  

Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional wedding performances, featuring Double Lions to convey heartfelt wishes for the bride and groom’s enduring happiness.

Buddha and the Lion Routine

The Big Headed Buddha, also known as Dai Tou Fut, serves as an entertaining addition to traditional lion dances.

Lion Conquering the Peak

On poles up to 3 meters in height, performers mimic the movements of a lion while carrying out highly skilled acrobatics that will leave you holding your breath.

Elevated Lion Dance Parade       

In the Jow Ga style of Lion Dancing, a unique approach involves 7-10 individuals carrying a circular platform upon which the lion is elevated, resulting in a high-flying lion dance routine.

Dragon and Lion Dance Workshop

LTL Lion Dance extends a warm invitation to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and abilities to participate in the captivating art of Chinese Lion Dance.


The drum in lion dancing symbolizes the lion’s heartbeat, setting the rhythm for the dance and contributing to the overall ambiance.


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Naturally, we take into account where you would like the performance to take place and whether it’s a day or night time event.

We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy our energised dragon and lion dances, so we’re very flexible about where we perform.

The best way to find out how easy it is to arrange a spectacular show is to give us a call on 0418 889 133 and discuss your particular requirements. We’re always happy to help.