Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance has a minimum of nine energetic performers manipulate a fierce looking dragon, making it soar and dive in sweeping, wave-like patterns, scaring away evil spirits and bringing good luck to all who are captivated by its intricate movements.

Highly popular and enormous fun, the Dragon Dance is often performed before a dragon boat race begins to bring strength and speed to all those on board.

The great skill in this ancient dance lies in truly effective teamwork. Each dancer must perform their own acrobatic manoeuvres whilst still working closely with the rest of the team as they bring the mighty dragon alive by creating graceful movements highlighting its sinuous beauty and leaving no doubt about its awesome, fiery power.

These beautiful, mythical beasts can be up to 35 metres in length, weaving and slithering their colourful way amongst their audiences, who gasp with fear and delight in equal measure.